Ray W. Fahien Award

Award Description

This award is given in honor of Ray Fahien, who was effectively the founding father of the Chemical Engineering Education (CEE) journal. Professor Fahien was the editor of from 1967-1995 and established it as a premier publication vehicle in the field of chemical engineering education. Professor Fahien selflessly gave his time and talents to advance pedagogical scholarship, particularly in the careers of young educators, through his dedication to the journal and the profession. This award is presented annually to an educator who has shown evidence of vision and contribution to chemical engineering education.

About Ray Fahien

CEE Memorial Article: Remembering Ray Fahien

Award Info

Description of Fahien Award on ASEE’s website

Award Recipients

2022 Ray W. Fahien Award Recipient

Sarah Wilson

University of Kentucky

Sarah Wilson is an Assistant Professor in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department at the University of Kentucky. She received her bachelor’s degree from Rowan University and her PhD from the University of Massachusetts. Sarah is passionate about undergraduate education and student success. Her research interests include engineering communication, process safety and undergraduate student mental health. In collaboration with faculty from educational and counseling psychology, she recently obtained funding to study the mental health related help- seeking beliefs of engineering students. With this knowledge, they aim to develop interventions to improve mental health related help-seeking in undergraduate engineers.

Former Award Recipients

The Ray W. Fahien Award is merit-based and nomination-based and, as such, is not necessarily awarded every year.

YearAwardeeAwardee Institution
1997Kirk H. Schulz
Michigan Technological University
1998Douglas E. Hirt
Clemson University
1999Robert P. Hesketh
Rowan University
2000Francis J. Doyle, III
University of Delaware
2001James A. Newell
Rowan University
2002Stephanie Farrell
Rowan University
David R. Shonnard
Michigan Technological University
2005Kevin D. Dahm
Rowan University
2006Donald P. Visco
Tennessee Technological University
2007David L. Silverstein
University of Kentucky
Jason M. Keith
Michigan Technological University
2009Margot A. S. Vigeant
Bucknell University
Lisa G. Bullard
North Carolina State University
2011Adrienne R. Minerick
Michigan Technological University
2012Keisha Walters
Mississippi State University
2013Matthew W. Liberatore
Colorado School of Mines
2015Daniel H. Lepek
The Cooper Union
2016Matthew E. Cooper
North Carolina State University
2017Cheryl Bodnar
Rowan University
2018Jason Bara
University of Alabama
2019Lucas Landherr
Northeastern University
2020Ashlee N. Ford Versypt
Oklahoma State University
2021Elif Eda MiskioğluBucknell University
2022Sarah WilsonUniversity of Kentucky