Chair Duties


The journey from Chair-Elect to Chair to Past-Chair is three years.  This document describes the responsibilities from year 1 (Chair-Elect) through year 3 (Past-Chair).  This document should be updated by the incoming Division Chair and shared with the newly elected Chair-Elect.  Further information on ASEE and general society or conference programmatic issues should be obtained from ASEE Headquarters Staff.

The Division operates with a Division Chair and Chair-Elect who serve co-currently.  The Chair-Elect may be thought of as a vice-chair who assumes the role of chair in the following year.  The Division year is July 1 – June 30.


July (Year-1)

You are now Chair-Elect.  Congratulations.

November (Year -1)

Chair-Elect attends the Executive Committee Meeting held at the AIChE Annual Conference.  Typically this meeting is a “brown bag” lunch meeting held in the Monday lunch time slot.

January (Year-1)

Chair-Elect convenes the Corcoran Award Committee (Best paper in CEE).  The Editor of CEE serves as a permanent member of committee along with the Corcoran Award winner from the previous year.  Papers must be reviewed from the 4 issues in the year prior to the one in which the award is given.  By March 15, the winner must be selected and forwarded to the ChED Awards Chair.  Typical procedure is for each committee member to select a “Top 5” list, then to compare and converse until consensus is reached.  The award should be for a paper expected to have a long-lasting influence on chemical engineering education.

February (Year-1)

Chair-Elect orders “appreciation” plaques for Division Chair and Program Chair (and Secretary/Treasurer or Awards Chair if their last year of service).  These are to be presented by the Chair-Elect at the end of the Annual Business Meeting with the passing of the gavel.  Contact Florida Awards & Trophy Co., (  They have templates for all awards; they just need the name and the year.  Copy  the Secretary/Treasurer on all correspondence.  Ensure that the Secretary/Treasurer receives the invoice.

June (Year-1)

Chair-Elect assists the Chair at the Annual Conference.  Chair-Elect “shadows” the Chair and attends all business meetings.  This includes Executive Committee Meeting, Business Meeting, ChE Awards Banquet.  The Chair-Elect attends as many technical sessions as possible.  The last act of the ChED Business Meeting Luncheon on Tuesday is to pass the gavel of division leadership to the new Chair.  The new Chair thanks the outgoing Chair and presents him/her with a plaque.  Chair-Elect works with the Program Chair for the next meeting to make sure that scheduling sessions is moving ahead according to ASEE timelines.  The Chair or Program Chair also needs to work with the Local Host to confirm Banquet arrangements.


July (Year-2)

Congratulations.  You are now Division Chair.  Please read all of the responsibilities of all of the other ChE Division Officers.

Chair communicates with Program Chair to ensure that ASEE deadlines are met regarding scheduling sessions.   Chair may also be asked to sign paperwork from Treasurer regarding Division business.  Contact AIChE to schedule the ASEE executive meeting.  Need to schedule a non-food event in a room on Monday at noon.  (This needs to be done by early July using an AIChE Committee Room Request. As of ~2018, you can work with the current Program Chairs of the AIChE Education Division to secure a room and time. Check to make sure Secretary/Treasurer hasn’t already done it before you do.)

Late August/ Early September (Year-2)

Chair writes “Chair’s Message” for Fall newsletter and submits to Newsletter Editor.  See previous newsletters for ideas.

October (Year-2)

Chair circulates Executive Committee meeting agenda to Past Chair, Chair Elect, Awards Chair and Secretary to see if they have any items or suggestions for the meeting.

Chair e-mails members of the Executive Committee informing them of the final agenda and meeting time and location at AIChE meeting (typically Monday lunch time slot of the conference, “brown-bag”).

November (Year-2)

Chair runs Executive Meeting following the general outline of topics used at prior meetings.  Secretary keeps notes.

Chair solicits names of future Chair, Director (for upcoming election) and Program Chair/Local Host.

Chair needs to work closely with Program Chair to make sure all sessions, technical and business, are scheduled for the next annual meeting (June).

Early December (Year-2)

Chair e-mails all ChE Dept Heads and the ChED members through ASEE to encourage faculty to apply for various awards referring them to ASEE – ChED website and attaching a description of the awards.

February (Year-2)

Chair prepares information for the Spring Newsletter:  Chair’s Message, Advance Conference

Program information from the Program Chair, biosketches of candidates for ChED offices to Newsletter Editor

Chair has name plate of next year’s Chair made for the ChE Division’s “gavel” box.

May (Year-2)

Chair collects votes for ChED offices.

June (Year-2)

Chair notifies winners/losers of election for ChED offices.

Chair reminds Secretary/Treasurer, Awards Chair, Program Chairs (present & future), Membership Chair, and any chairs of special committees that they will present reports at the executive committee meeting at the annual conference.

June – Annual Conference (Year-2)

Mon 7 AM (Breakfast) Executive Committee meeting.  Chair officiates, following previous year’s format. Ask for minutes to be approved.  Have officers and committee chairs to make reports and distribute hand-outs or summaries of their areas – Election results, Secretary/Treasurer report, Awards Chair report, Program Chair (present and future) reports, Membership Chair report, Special committees/projects. Contact these before the meeting so they are prepared.

Mon 4:30 PM time slot – ChE Lectureship Award. Chair introduces speaker (Except during years of ASEE Summer School, in which case the Lectureship is given at the Summer School).

Mon 6:30 PM Awards banquet.  Chair officiates with the Program Chair and Local Host, Awards Chair.

  • Welcome everyone.  Take podium and acknowledge (applause) current Program Chair, current Directors, current Secretary/Treasurer.  Ask previous Division Officers to rise and be recognized.
  • When giving out the Award, have the Awards Chair read names and award criteria and the recipient’s citation.  The winner comes forward for each award, then hand the plaque and shake hands.  Arrange for someone to take pictures of winners.
  • After awards, then introduce the Local Host who in turn introduces the Speaker.

Tues 12:00 PM (Lunch) – CHED Business Meeting

Chair officiates, following previous year’s format.

  • Distribute & approve minutes of previous business (note- don’t distribute Exec Com minutes.)
  • Follow Agenda and call for reports from Program Chair, Treasurer, Membership, etc.
  • At the end of the Business Meeting thank the Program Chair for the excellent job she/he did and award appreciation plaque.  Pass gavel to the new Chair who recognizes the outgoing Chair with a plaque and then makes a short address on plans for Division in the upcoming year.

Past Chair

July (Year-3)

Congratulations.  You are now Past Division Chair.

November (Year-3)

AIChE Annual business meeting.  Take notes as the Chair solicits names of future Chair, Director (for upcoming election) and Program Chair/Local Host.

February (Year-3)

Contact potential candidates for Chair and Directors and compose a slate of candidates (Generally 2 candidates for Chair, two Director candidates, and possibly two candidates for secretary / treasurer).

May (Year-3)

Serve as the division volunteer in the selection of the best PIC I paper. The deadline to report the best paper is generally a month before the Annual Conference.