Awards Chair Duties

The awards committee co-chairs or chair will convene one subcommittee for each division award. The default committee consists of three members, including at least one of the co-chairs and one or two members of the ASEE ChED executive board, with the addition of the Chemical Engineering Editor (or their designee) for the Corcoran award. Directors will be the first choice for additional subcommittee members, with the stipulation that the each subcommittee should be constructed in such a way as to balance the workload across the executive committee and avoid conflicts of interest (see below). If needed, recent past members of the executive board may be asked to step in when no other suitable subcommittee members are available. The subcommittee will follow established procedures and should use a rubric to aid in fair evaluation of all candidates. The rubrics will be maintained and updated by the awards chair / co-chairs.

The awards subcommittees will avoid conflicts of interest by recusing any potential members who:

  1. are under consideration for the award
  2. nominated a candidate for the award
  3. are a collaborator or department-mate of a candidate for the award
  4. for any reason feel they cannot be make a fair evaluation (ex: because they are a close friend of a nominee).

For the non-nominated best paper / best poster awards, a potential subcommittee member may serve by first removing their paper / poster from consideration. Having a conflict of interest for one subcommittee does not preclude an executive board member from serving on a different subcommittee.

Early January

Start contacting Awards Committee members and confirm their ability/willingness to serve.  Have the committees in place and ready to go before the nominations deadline.

After all nomination packets are in: Compile complete packets for each award and forward to committee.  Tell the committees that there is no hard deadline but we’d like their work done within a month if possible.

Late February/Early March

Notify everyone who was nominated for an award of the outcome (I emailed both the nominee and the nominator).  For those who did not win, remind them that they’re entitled to request that their nomination be kept open for a second year.  For those who did win, inform them that they are entitled to one free ticket to the awards banquet, and request a digital photo for the brochure.  Also for winners of an award that includes money, ask them to send their SS# to the treasurer.

Early March

Send list of Award winners, along with the names of the winning papers for the Corcoran, Martin and Best Poster awards, to and ask them to use the same templates for the plaques as last year.  Remember, if there are multiple authors for Corcoran, Martin or Best Poster, each author gets a plaque. Information on the Martin Award may be found here.

Mid/late March

If you haven’t gotten the proofs from Florida Awards yet, follow up.

Early April

Make brochures for Awards banquet and Lectureship.  I did 100 for the banquet and 200 for the Lectureship, which was a bit of overkill but I wanted to be able to distribute Lectureship flyers at all the Monday Chem E sessions.

Checklist of things that must make it to the conference in June:

  • Plaques for all seven awards
  • Checks for Fahien, Corcoran, Lectureship and CACHE awards (CACHE provides the check for their award and the division treasurer provides the others)
  • Brochures for Lectureship and Awards Banquet
  • Written report for Exec Meeting and Business Meeting