Secretary-Treasurer Duties

Financial Duties

  1. Advises Chair and Executive Board about the financial status of the Division informally on a continuing basis, and formally at the two Executive Committee meetings each year.
  2. Provides input to the Financial Report Summary for the previous year, as well as help in planning the Budget Request to Headquarters for the coming year if needed.
  3. Receives and verifies Banking and Accounting Services System (BASS) records from ASEE Business Manager.
  4. Authorizes disbursements of Divisional Funding, with consent of Chair of Division.

Recording/Communication Duties

  1. Provides a written record of all of the Executive Committee Meetings of the Division to all members of that committee, and publishes minutes of the Division Meetings in the Divisional Newsletter.
  2. Assimilates, writes, and distributes the Divisional Newsletter twice each year (nominally in October and April). This task may be delegated to a Newsletter Chair. The Newsletter may contain such items as the following:
    1. Chair’s message
    2. Agenda for forthcoming ASEE Meeting
    3. Notices relative to the ASEE/AIChE Faculty Summer School
    4. Notices of Awards and Honors by the Division
    5. Summaries of Business Meeting Minutes
    6. Matters relating to Chemical Engineering Education
    7. Ballots for Officer Election
    8. Ballots for Constitutional/Bylaws changes
    9. Other items at the Secretary/Treasurer’s discretion
    10. Divisional meeting minutes
  3. Provides aid in special mailings to the membership, such as mailing labels for summer school correspondence, constitutional changes, etc.
  4. Ensures that the Division website is maintained. The Chair may appoint a Webmaster to manage the website on behalf of the Division.