While there are a number of ChED members who have been awardees of ASEE at the National Level. The Information on this website is mainly focused on the Chemical Engineering Division-level awards. A list and description of the ChED Awards can be found on a separate page.

Call for ChED Award Nominations

List of ChED Awards

Nomination Deadlines

  • October 31 – Young Faculty / Future Faculty Mentoring and Travel Grant
  • Last day of February – “Engineering Education” Mentoring Grant
  • January 15 – All other ChED Awards

Any unsuccessful nomination will be considered active for two additional years and as long as the nominee is still eligible, unless withdrawn.  Nominators are allowed to submit additional materials for prior nominees, if desired.

Nomination Instructions

Please assemble the nomination package in the following order. These instructions parallel those available on the ASEE National Award Nomination Guidelines. Nominating a member for an award implies that the nominee has been informed and consents to the nomination and conditions of the award.

Do not submit to ASEE headquarters or through their web page.

Submit nominations ELECTRONICALLY following the procedure described below to the ASEE ChE Division Awards Co-Chair, Margot Vigeant, at by January 15. Mentoring Grant applications should be sent by October 31.

Paper submissions will not be accepted.

Nominations should be sent as ONE Word or PDF file. The document should have sections for nominee information, citation, rationale, curriculum vitae, additional information as required for that award, and letters of support. It is the nominator’s responsibility to assemble all of the pertinent information into ONE electronic document that committee members can easily read.

  1. Nominee Information — list the information found on the ASEE ChED award nomination form. Do not submit this form to ASEE. You may omit the nominee’s social security number at this stage, but it is required to make monetary awards to winners.
  2. Include a 100-word maximum Citation, which will be used if the nominee wins the award.
  3. Include a 700-word maximum description of the Rationale for the Nomination.
  4. Include a Curriculum Vitae containing the following information: Degrees earned (university and granting dates); other postgraduate study; record of positions held; publications, including all books, published papers and articles; ASEE activities and offices held; awards, honors and inventions, etc.
  5. Include Other Supporting Information as required for that particular award. Please see the Chemical Engineering Division web site for details on particular award criteria.
  6. Include a maximum of eight (8) Letters of Support for the nomination. These letters may be from peers, students, and/or former students as appropriate to the award.

Any nominee for an award may be re-nominated using the original nomination package for one additional year only by sending an email to the Awards Chair along with the electronic award nomination. However, reference letters should be updated for the year of the renewed application. After the re-nomination a complete new nomination is required.

Submit the entire nomination as ONE electronic file to ASEE ChE Division Awards Co-Chair by January 15. Mentoring Grant applications should be sent by October 31. Contact information for the current Awards Chair (or co-Chairs) can be found on the ChED Officers page.